Mass General Tackles Substance Abuse with Video Web Site and Text Messages

December 31, 2008

Over 90% of substance abuse problems begin for people between 15 and 25. To address this demographic, Massachusetts General Hospital Department of Psychiatry has pioneered a groundbreaking new program: Addiction Recovery Management Service (ARMS). To accompany the program launch, MGH partnered with OHO and CauseMedia to develop a video-driven web site ( aimed at helping parents and schools understand the unique challenges of treating teens and young adults with substance abuse problems.

Start-to-Finish Website Development

Together with CauseMedia, OHO developed the site in 5-months using a process that included site concept development, stakeholder research, focus groups, design, technology, and content and video production.

Text Message Application

A unique feature of the site is a text message application that can be used by clinicians in supporting treatment. This application grew out of our research that showed that young adults that are abusing are isolated from activities, non-using peers, and even computer use. Medical research has demonstrated that text messages have been effective in treatment because of the immediacy of the medium. The integration of the text messages with the web site provides additional tracking of messages and data points that have the potential to be used in further research into the use of technology in treatment of substance abuse.


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