#makeitawesome: The College of New Rochelle Launches New Responsive Website

December 11, 2014

One of the great things about working with so many higher education institutions on website redesigns is having a uniquely shaped knowledge about the issues they face as a whole. When considering key factors that play into a higher education website redesign, we’ve found a number of common challenges emerge regardless of institution size, geography, student population, or religious affiliation. A typical challenge is a disconnected brand across the website, particularly when multiple schools or campuses are represented. Such was the case for The College of New Rochelle.

With four schools serving a wide range of students – School of Arts and Sciences, School of Nursing, School of New Resources, and Graduate School – and multiple campus locations, The College of New Rochelle’s website did not provide an accurate reflection of their entire community. With a heavy emphasis on undergraduate programs, prospective students seeking information on graduate and new resource programs were not being well served. In addition, the four schools felt disengaged from one another.

Through information collected as a result of research that included stakeholder and user interviews as well as a competitor analysis, we developed a digital strategy that:

  • Improved clarity of messaging across site
  • Enhanced and supports recruitment efforts
  • Included search engine optimization and content optimization
  • Implemented a responsive design to better serve users on mobile devices

To communicate a cohesive brand across all program offerings, we created an institutional site that gives visitors a sense of The College of New Rochelle experience. We also created sites for each of the schools so that prospective students can be targeted effectively and can easily find the information they are seeking. With a new information architecture, visual design, engaging and vibrant photography, and site messaging, the new responsive website ensures visitors understand the benefit of The College of New Rochelle experience.

Check out The College of New Rochelle's new website.

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