Join Us for a Webinar July 20: B2C Branded Communities: Delivering ROI, Making Customers Happy

July 13, 2011

What does “engage” really mean for online communities devoted to a consumer brand? How do you truly engage your community while still meeting marketing goals? Join us for a free webinar with Acquia on July 20 at 1pm to get answers to these questions. 

As more and more consumer companies build communities to promote their products and engage with consumers, many are challenged to find ways to keep the members interested and drive revenue. How do you keep your online community interesting and drive ROI?  Too many commercial messages and too little great content will make the community a ghost town, but you didn't build the community to not have ROI. Finding the perfect balance of product and social engagement is not really a trade-off at all-product and social engagement can go hand-in-hand, driving increased consumer loyalty. The key is to find the right strategy, and pick the right features for your brand:

  • Social gaming can be a true driver not just of superficial engagement, but also can drive branding in its truest sense, by connecting consumers to the meaning of your brand. Find out how "serious fun" can increase visitor loyalty and add depth.
  • Couponing can be integrated into communities in ways that are closer in financial model to traditional coupons, but still social. Find out how to make coupons "social" in a different way, and not give away the farm.
  • Social content is not a separate animal-it should be part of your overall content strategy. Find out how to take your existing content assets and strategy and integrate them into your branded community in ways that make sense.

This one-hour interactive webinar will include a Q&A session at the end, where you can ask us about your online community. Whether you've got an existing community you want to find the ROI for, or are just thinking about community and want to build it right from the start, join us! 

Speakers: Jason Smith, OHO; Christina Inge, OHO; Amanda Wilson, Acquia

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