iBeacon Emerging Ecosphere: Which Businesses Are Using iBeacon? March 2014 Update

March 02, 2014

I've updated "The Emerging iBeacon Ecosphere" infographic we released in February. Based on the feedback I heard, I've removed the distinction between hardware and platforms as many of the companies making CMS platforms are also creating their own beacon hardware. There are certainly companies just developing hardware, but it seemed too firm to divide these groups. It's more accurate to view it as a spectrum from pure hardware to software.

Which Businesses Are Using iBeacons?

I've have added a few new businesses that are or have announced that they will be using iBeacons: Virgin Air, American Eagle, and Alex and Ani.

The Emerging iBeacon Ecosphere – March 2014

Did I miss your company? This is a working document that's still in "beta," evolving along with the ecosphere. Let me know how you fit in @jason_smith

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