GradCity Launches Responsive Website

March 17, 2014

Growing up in the snowy winters of the Northeast can be fun. Snow days! Hot cocoa! It can also be disappointing, like during your senior year when your high school combines February and April vacations into one week in March because of an excess of snow days. Losing a week of vacation was harsh, but it did get us the parental sympathy required to take a senior trip.

If we had only known about GradCity, that trip would have been much more fun.

GradCity is the high school leisure division of TUI Student, operating winter, Spring Break, and summer Graduation Trips for high school students in a number of destinations. They had recently merged websites with their sister company, StudentCity which operates college Spring Break trips. Combining the websites ultimately resulted in a loss of individual brand identity and SEO value, which had a negative impact on GradCity’s customer acquisition.

As the team outlined their plan for untangling the websites and rebuilding the brand, they focused on achieving a number of goals such as the implementation of an easy-to-use content management system, building a mobile-friendly website, integrating with existing third-party systems including HubSpot, and improving the user experience.

With Drupal as the preferred corporate platform, the GradCity team needed a partner not only with Drupal expertise, but also with a solid user research and user experience design practice in order to deliver unique experiences for each brand’s market on the same code base. Enter OHO.

User Experience Design

To develop a redesign strategy for GradCity, we conducted user research in which we collected feedback through focus groups and one-on-one interviews. With an understanding of the wants, needs, and expectations for the target audience, we created a responsive website with an immersive and interactive visual design that made heavy use of imagery and video.

Drupal CMS Development

While building a Drupal content management system that would allow the GradCity team to easily execute marketing changes on their website, we also incorporated best practices for search engine optimization as a means of developing and maintaining valuable keyword rankings.

Hubspot Integration

One of the key components of the project was ensuring a smooth lead gen to sales process. By integrating with existing third-party systems like HubSpot and custom CRM platform NetRes, we transformed what had been a fragmented process into one that allows for marketing and sales to better track and manage the customer lifecycle.

After a smooth launch, the GradCity team is thrilled with their fully responsive, search engine optimized website. With their new Drupal content management system, the team is able to easily manage their site while the Hubspot integration allows them to better track their customer lifecycle.

Visit the GradCity website to see it all in action, then read about award the website has received since launching.

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