Announcing the 12 Days of Twitter. A Social Media Gift from OHO Interactive.

December 09, 2009

18 million people are using Twitter. If you haven’t felt the urge to start writing in 140 character snippets, OHO Interactive has come up with 12 holiday reasons to get started by Tuesday, December 14. Join up to Twitter – or login – and start following us on Twitter at OHOinteractive. You’ll find out how you can get a chance to win a 12 Days of Twitter daily prize. 


If you’re wondering why you might want to use Twitter for your business or organization, here’s 12 reasons that we see.


  1. Get feedback from your customers
  2. Have a two-way conversation
  3. Understand what people are doing with your products
  4. Listen to what people are saying
  5. Provide customer service
  6. Find your champions
  7. Socialize new ideas or products
  8. Follow cultural trends
  9. Read breaking news
  10. Run a single-click advocacy campaign
  11. Read out-of-box articles
  12. Win gifts from OHO!

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