7 Must-Use Tools for Web Development Pros

January 22, 2015

Previously, [we shared some of the best web tools that we thought practically everybody could use](/blog/10-must-use-tools-digital-professionals). This time, we thought we would step it up a notch and show you some of the coding, web development, and performance applications that make our lives a whole lot easier at OHO Interactive. Whether you’re an experienced developer or coding noob, one of these tools could surely help you in the future.


As simple as it may be, Breezy is a super useful tool that can save developers some time. Perfect for anybody dealing in CSS, this application allows you to encode images for CSS embedding by simply dragging and dropping an image onto a menubar icon. It keeps track of your recent encoding sessions and you can get to base64 code of up to 7 recent images with a single click. Mac - Free


We’re in the business of making websites, and Codekit was specifically designed to make that process faster and better. Simply put, CodeKit is a task manager that allows you to automate code compiling for popular preprocessor languages. With live browser reloads, you can see changes instantly without hitting the refresh button or installing plugins. Mac - $32.00


Dash is a tool that all developers should have in their back pockets. Aside from being a snippet manager, this application provides offline access to over 150 different API documentation sets (HTML, Drupal, Python, etc.). Bonus features include the abilities to upload your own documentation sets and sync snippets to Dropbox. Mac - $19.99 iOS - $9.99


You wouldn’t keep broken glasses in your cabinet, so why would you keep broken links on your website? With Integrity, you can scan your entire website for external and internal broken links. By removing these bad links, you can improve your website’s quality and help with search engine optimization. Mac - Free


Why keep your text in black when you can spice it up and add some color to it? Patterns highlights regular expression syntax that allows you to see how your code snippets are being interpreted by the regex engine. In addition, the built-in regular expression reference sheet helps you find any piece of regex syntax you need. Mac - $2.99


We think that our websites are awesome, but we are curious what other people think as well. Silverback is a usability testing software that can track the click movements of individuals testing websites and applications. Through Macs’ built-in microphones and cameras, the application can also capture individuals’ reactions while testing a certain product. Mac - Free (Silverback 2 version)


The name essentially describes itself in this one, as Simplytest.me is an online service that provides on-demand sandbox environments for testing drupal.org projects like modules, themes, and distributions. This tool is particularly useful because it can be accessed from any computer and is typically quicker than a local Drupal installation. Want to find more helpful tools? Check out [10 Must-Use Tools For Digital Professionals](/blog/10-must-use-tools-digital-professionals).

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