11 Social Media Mistakes Explained in GIFs

September 22, 2015

Ever since social media took off in the early 2000s, people have been utilizing it for various business purposes including networking, promotion, and lead generation. However, on the other side of things, we have seen celebrities and major companies make some major gaffes on social networks. Here’s how we react to some of the common mistakes that often occur on social media.

1. Having no social media plan

Hey, we’re not here to tell you how to live your life. But in order to achieve your social media goals, you’re probably going to need a little bit of strategy and planning. If you dive into it head first, things may not go as well as you’d hope for.

2. Spelling mistakes

Many people won’t notice them, but your going to drive the others insane (this sentence is a test to see which one you are).

3. Posting too much

People follow your pages because they are interested in your content. That doesn’t mean they want it every second of the day. Bombard individuals with too much information, and you’ll surely lose them as fans.

4. Using irrelevant or outdated information

We just heard that Flash is all the rage in web design right now! Oh wait, you’re telling me it’s on its deathbed? If you’re unsure of the relevancy of information, check the sources of your information and/or do some background research on Google.

5. Only talking about yourself

The purpose of social media outlets are to build communities between people with similar interests and needs. Sharing other users’ posts provides a way for your followers to gain access to interesting content and earns you Internet karma (which ultimately may keep people around longer).

6. Not including media

If you can’t grab somebody’s attention on social media, they won’t make it to your content. With so many people using social media, timelines are becoming more and more clogged. By including images and other interactive components, you significantly increase your chances of catching a glimpse from a user.

7. Too promotional

Yes, one of your social media goals should be to drive business and sales. However, you’ll drive users away if your social media pages are only filled with posts of sales promotions and lead generation tactics.

8. Making all platforms identical to each other

Even though all of the social media platforms are competing with each other in one way or another, they all serve their different purposes. Even though posting a selfie may be borderline acceptable on Instagram, it certainly wouldn’t fly on LinkedIn. Figure out which content works best for each platform.

9. Scheduling posts too far in advance

Scheduling tools make social media marketers’ lives much easier. However, marketers should avoid using these tools whenever dealing with planned events. If a time or location changes, a scheduled post may have the wrong information by the time it actually goes up. If a user listens to you, they may awkwardly show up to an event by themselves.

10. Forgetting about engagements

Don’t leave your fans or followers hanging. If they are commenting on your posts or posing questions, make sure that you interact with them. If they show genuine interest in what you do, they are always worth talking to.

11. Inconsistent voice across channels

If you have one person running all of your social media channels, this may not be a problem. But if you’re constantly changing your messaging and viewpoints, people may be confused what your company actually stands for.

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