10 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Website

September 25, 2009

One of the concerns I most often hear from clients about their websites is "how can I make them more effective?" Well to help out we've put together a list of common items that are quick wins and can help improve almost any website.  This blog post is a sneak preview of these top 10 ideas.  Over the new few months we'll be discussing these in more detail in a series of seminars and white papers. 

10 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Website.

  1. Write meaningful page headlines.
    It’s great for visitors and search engine optimization.
  2. Set-up Google Analytics.
    It’s free (!) and tells you how people found your site and what they did.
  3. Take an hour to read your site and update inaccurate information.
    People expect websites to be the most current information source.
  4. Delete 10 pages to remove clutter and out-of-date information.
    You’ll feel better knowing your site is accurate.
  5. Claim your organization on Yelp, Facebook, and LinkedIn.
    Put up some basic information so people find you on social networks.
  6. Cut your word count down to 400 words per page.
    Separating different ideas onto different pages helps people to search and to browse.
  7. Write a sub-head for every 2-3 sentences.
    It makes the page easy to skim and scan – people are in a hurry these days.
  8. Add maps, videos, and pictures to pages.
    The web is primarily a visual medium.
  9. Start online search engine advertising.
    Drive some new traffic to your site at any budget level.
  10. Create an XML site map for search engines.
    It’s not as hard as it sounds and it improves search rankings.

If you'd like a printed card of these ideas or  have questions or comments feel free to send me an email.

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