10 Must-Use Tools For Digital Professionals

January 15, 2015

When you give a bunch of tech nerds useful gadgets that they can use every day, you get a power combo of creativity and efficiency. Here at OHO Interactive, we love our web tools. At first we thought we’d keep these tools a secret in an effort to take over the world, but decided we’ll share them with you instead. Here are our favorites:


Some of us are just disorganized. You swear you wrote down that password somewhere, but now it might as well be lost forever. No worries though, 1Password is here to help. This application keeps all of your various passwords encrypted and secured while keeping them organized in one place. With their additional browser extensions, you can set up one-click or automatic logins to your favorite sites in Chrome, Safari, or Firefox as an extra bonus.

Mac/Windows - Free
iOS/Android - Free


Word on the street is that Apple TV is pretty sweet, but your computer says it doesn’t support it. Now with Airparrot, you can use Apple TV or Chromecast with Windows computers, Chromebooks, and older Macs that do not support Airplay capabilities. Through bluetooth discovery, the application provides a wireless solution to sharing your entire screen or specific applications to everyone else in the room.

Mac/Windows/Chromebook - $12.99


No, it’s not Bruce Wayne’s butler. Alfred is an all-purpose launcher and multi-clipboard similar to the Spotlight feature on Macs. With Alfred, you can quickly open up frequently used applications or search the internet for anything you need. In addition, you can set up hotkey commands that can perform macro tasks like opening frequently used files or moving recently saved files to a particular folder.

Mac - Free


Many people have gone through the frustration of their computer entering sleep mode while in the middle of doing a presentation or watching a movie. With the Caffeine app, users can set how long they want their computers to stay awake without having to mess around with power settings. Now you can go on that 4-hour Netflix binge without any interruptions.

Mac - Free


Hootsuite is a social media manager that allows businesses (or social media moguls) to interact with their Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other networks in one location. Features include an interactive view of live feeds for every connected social media platform, posting to multiple platforms concurrently, and creating scheduled posts in advance. Paired with the Hootlet extension for Chrome, users can easily share pages they are viewing to their friends and followers.

Hootsuite (basic version) - Free Hootlet Google Chrome extension - Free


Even though you love your new Mac, you are already missing some of the navigational features from your old Windows computer. With Hyperdock, you can get some of those advanced window management features back on your Mac. Hyperdock has several capabilities, but probably the most useful are the automatic window snapping feature and the ability to preview/open individual windows instead of entire applications.

Mac - $9.95 (or free 15 day trial)


Are you too popular for your own good? IFTTT makes social media management easier by creating powerful connections between your different platforms. By allowing users to formulate commands by a series of if-then statements, you don’t have to be checking your phone every ten seconds. For example, IFTTT can set up a command that will automatically download every picture you post to Instagram directly to your Dropbox, allowing you to save time (and to get back to work).

iOS/Android - Free


Have you ever wished for an easier way to capture what you see on your computer? With Snagit, you can capture images and videos of your desktop with just a few clicks. Whether you want a screen grab of a webpage or want to create a tutorial through screen recording, Snagit makes it easier than ever before.

Google Chrome extension - Free Mac or Windows desktop version - $49.95


Toggl is a simple, yet useful tool that allows you to track time from your browser, computer, or smartphone. Toggl logs the amount of time you spend on certain tasks, so it’s easy to see where all those hours in the day go.

Mac/Windows - Free iOS/Android - Free


Particularly useful for people involved with design, WhatFont is the easiest way to find out which fonts are used on a particular webpage. Just by hovering over words on a page, individuals can identify unique fonts and incorporate them into their own projects. As a bonus, there is a WhatFont app for iOS devices that can detect fonts through Safari.

Chrome Web Extension - Free iOS - Free

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