Launch Announcement: A Fresher Uncommon Schools

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July 03, 2012

 Uncommon Schools logoAfter a intensive labor of love, we're thrilled to announce that OHO's latest project, a multi-section overhaul of Uncommon Schools' website, is launched and live to the world!

We partnered with Uncommon Schools nearly two years ago (time she is a'flying!) to create a meaningful, emotive website to drive their brand online.  And while phase one of the project gave Uncommon the beautiful, feature-rich, content managed website they always deserved, they weren't ready to call it quits upon launch last October.  And who are we to say no to a great client?

With design and technical functionality already addressed during Phase I, phase II was more about dreaming up new ways to make their already-great website even better.  By targeting key sections of the website that seemed apt for improvement, OHO collaborated with Uncommon Schools' marketing, leadership, and recruitment teams to create some awesome new site sections.

This included an unabridged overhaul of the Careers section (critical to Uncommon's mission of finding and recruiting the nation's best teachers) and the creation of an entirely new section called Our Stories, which serves as the home for all of Uncommon's amazing photos, videos, and print materials.

Check out the screengrabs below for a taste, but to see the new site sections for yourself, head over to


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