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by Edwin Hastings on
November 09, 2012

Thank you America.  

Thank you Mitt Romney.

What a year.  The election is over and I’m very pleased to be able to announce that OHO Interactive was the lead interactive firm that powered and all of the digital, social and mobile properties for the Romney-Ryan ticket.  While OHO isn’t a political firm, we are passionate about digital user engagement and are amazed at the enormous opportunity we’ve had to integrate the most cutting-edge technologies into a single digital platform: web, social, mobile, commerce, and data.

Inauspicious Beginnings

In November 2011, early in the primary season, I got a call from a start-up running a Drupal website looking for some help.  We work well with start-ups – so I went to meet with them.  I found great people, lots of energy, big ideas, enormous passion and limited resources to achieve their goals.  There was one twist, this start-up was a small band of committed folks who wanted to elect the next President of the United States – and believed the Internet was the way to do it.  We started immediately working on a few small projects.

Through the Primaries – Build a Digital Team

In February, OHO Interactive became the lead interactive agency for the campaign taking over project management, development and hosting management for  In May, the campaign moved from primary mode to the national presidential campaign. We were asked to build the digital team – from scratch – in 45 days. And we did.  We assembled a complete in-house agency of over 30 people and began work on the most advanced digital engagement platform ever developed by a Republican candidate.

The Most Innovative and Complete Cloud Platform – in 5 Months

Our team along with our partners built an all-inclusive, high-performance, multi-channel digital platform that connected front to back:  websites, Drupal, Mobile, Apps, Social Media, Facebook, Salesforce, Fundraising, Data warehouse and much more. 

A few highlight and results:

  • Over $200 million dollars raised online
  • 43,000 peak simultaneous users
  • 30+ digital properties and apps
  • 35,000+ hours of development
  • Numerous new technology providers
  • All cloud based, and a fantastic team! 

Lessons Learned

There is more to this story. There are many lessons from this forefront of digital innovation that can be applied far beyond the political realm.  I’m looking forward to sharing more soon.

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